Foodlink Charity

One of our favourite HK based charities – Foodlink Foundation’s mission is to mitigate hunger, build self-sufficiency, and foster nutritional wellness, while simultaneously reducing wastage in the food service industry.

Our vision at Foodlink Foundation is to ensure that every needy person has access to a healthy meal.How it works?

Simply Foodlink Foundation collects safe-to-eat surplus food from various food and beverage outlets and delivers it to those in need. The role of Foodlink is to act as a bridge that connects the supply to the demand as best as possible.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

The recipients of the surplus food are charitable organizations that serve the needy of Hong Kong – homeless living in shelters, street-sleepers, the unemployed, the elderly, asylum seekers, refugees, and other disenfranchised individuals and families.

We will donate 10% of all the sale proceeds from Rob Lutter’s photography exhibition to Foodlink